Zulu Tattoo

Los Angeles,CA
Austin, TX

Zulu Tattoo is a place where tolerance and creativity thrive. Our goal is to provide you with a unique custom design. We encourage you to get involved in the creation of your design as we work together to bring that which is within you to the surface. Zulu Tattoo has been creating unique and custom designs since 1990.

We have been featured on Fox11News, The History Channel, A&E, TLC, NPR, LA Weekly, The Book LA, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Urban Ink, Skin&Ink, Inked, Essence, and many more.
Zulu Tattoo
Zulu is one of the world's most renowned tattoo artists. He has been hailed as "the Godfather of spiritual tattooing." He is respected for his philosophical and artistic approach to the art form. All of the artists here at Zulu Tattoo have been chosen by Zulu to represent his ideals and for each of their unique styles and excellent application to the art of tattooing.

We are by appointment only. We do offer free consultations to discuss your ideas with an artist. Please email or call us for an appointment. We look forward to working with you.

ArtistsZulu Tattoo is located in the two great cities of Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX

Los Angeles Studio:

165 S. Crescent Heights Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

L.A. Appointments:

  (323) 782-9977

Administrative/Press/Media: Khani Zulu
  (323) 697-9861

L.A. Directions:

Austin Studio:

200 E. Live Oak St. Suite 2B
Austin, TX 78704

Austin Appointments:


Administrative/Press/Media: Khani Zulu
  (323) 697-9861

Austin Directions:


Zulu Tattoo has made available a prep/aftercare brochure, below.


Zulu Tattoo Prep/Aftercare brochure.
Download part 1 in PDF format HERE.


Zulu Tattoo Prep/Aftercare brochure.
Download part 2 in PDF format HERE.


Zulu Lounge is a quarterly event produced by Zulu Tattoo in Hollywood. The evening involves world renowned and local DJs, dance and circus act performances, art, live music and, most importantly, fundraising for charity!

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